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Over four feet tall, this gentle giant brings a touch of the exotic into any environment. The perfect accessory in a nursery, this eye-catching giraffe is a great addition to any décor! Attention to authentic details and excellent quality construction make this giraffe easy to love!

“A huge and lovely addition to our nursery. Seems durable, but she’s not dragging this huge guy around. Neck has been surprisingly sturdy. So far it’s been more furniture than a toy. It’s cute, but may be either decor or for older kids. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the cutest piece next to her crib, kinda’ peeks over the side and appears to be snacking on her mobile. It’s nice and a bit heavy. There’s no question that this guy will stand, he’s got pretty firm yet plush legs. He’s not rideable by no means either and is quite plush. I think the small eyes are the only firm part, even soft eyelids/lashes/horns. His mouth can open some. His legs are mostly fixed. I think that’s it. What a handsome guy. I’ll update the review after a year or two of hugs and after a few drags.”

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“Based on the picture of the toddler with the giraffe, I thought I had an idea of how big it would be. The huge box arrived and I waited until Christmas Eve to fully open it so that prying eyes would have nothing to see. When I completely opened it, I realized the neck was folded down and the giraffe was nearly 5 feet tall! Imagine my daughter’s surprise Christmas morning! She was a little afraid of it at first because she thought it was real! Now my 3 1/2 ft daughter tries to carry it everywhere with her! We made an awesome Christmas memory for her!”
What others are saying

Product Main Features:

  • Giraffe: 53″ x 31″ x 14″ 6.8 lbs

  • Package: 57.5″ H x 21.2″ W x 10.5″ L 8 lbs

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Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal by Melissa & Doug

8.8 out of 10
Quality Very good quality and the face is quite adorable, just as I would have expected from Melissa and Doug.
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