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We’ve been enthralled in the recent mermaid-tail craze! From cozy mermaid blankets to oh-so fun and fabulous swim tails, we’re in love. Our newest mermaid-tail fave is Fin Fun Mermaid.

How much fun is that? This is something we definitely would have wanted as young gals – watching the newly released Little Mermaid. Because, who didn’t want to be Ariel and zip through the water so graceful? The Monofin would have been perfect for summer fun at the pool… and maybe on the sandy beach, pretending to be our favorite mermaid.

Is a Monofin right for you? Are you a confident swimmer with a great dolphin kick? Are you an advanced swimmer ready to practice the dolphin kick? Can you swim in the deep end? If you answer yes to any of those questions, you’re probably ready to pick out your Fin Fun Monofin!

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