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Adorable Softe Muslin Baby Burp Cloths

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Keep messes and spit-ups to a minimum with the luxe Organic Softe Muslin Baby Burp Cloths from KeaBabies. Made of luxurious buttery soft bamboo cotton muslin, the burp cloths are ultra-absorbent and incredibly adorable.

Comprising of 8 layers of organic bamboo cotton muslin, the Burp Cloths are ultra-soft – great against baby’s delicate skin. Sized generously and larger than most burp cloths on the market, the Organic Muslin Baby Burp Cloths provide full shoulder coverage to protect clothing from being soiled from spit ups and messes. Comes in a 5-pack in unisex and gender neutral prints.

softe muslin burp cloth

Figure 8 Design: Full Shoulder Coverage

Larger than most burp cloths out there in the market and sized generously at 21″x10.5″, the SOFTE Burp Cloths sits perfectly on your shoulder, providing full shoulder coverage to protect your cloths from being soiled from milk spit ups.

KeaBabies Tips:

When your baby fusses in the middle of feeding, it may be due to discomfort from swallowed air, and continued fussing causes them to swallow more air — leading to more crankiness and possibly spitting-up. Instead, try burping the baby to see if it’s an air bubble in their tummy that’s causing them to protest.

With KeaBabies SOFTE Burp Cloths Set, you can minimize the mess and maximize the intimate bonding moments. Made of luxurious buttery soft bamboo cotton muslin, the burp cloths are ultra absorbent and incredibly cute. The best burp cloths to pamper your little one!

Additional print collections available in the Softe Muslin line, include The Wild, Petals, Soft White and KeaFriends.

As of posting this, this pack is currently 50% off with an addition 5% off when you clip the coupon available on Amazon!

What Others Are Saying:

Soft, great size, easy to clean: I love these. Got a set as a gift and bought more immediately because they were so soft. We’ve been using them for two months now and they wash well, are a good size for all kinds of use (great to cover baby’s legs from the sun while on stroller walks and still have that burp cloth handy), and still super soft. Cute designs, too! We have a few other random burp cloths people gifted us, but these are my favorite hands down. Just bought a third set to have them all over the house. – read more on Amazon

Great Find: Honestly the nicest burp clothes I’ve seen. Super soft, very absorbent, wide enough to cover up nicely. So great to have around for a messy baby. Washes clean in the washer and comes out just as soft as right out of the box. It’s feels so nice against the skin and the baby likes to chew on it when she’s teething. 10/10! – read more on Amazon

Best burp cloths! I purchased three different packs of burp cloths including the highly rated Burts Bees ones, but these are by far our favorite! The thickness and length of these is great! The designs are also cute too, but I would still love them if they were plain. – read more on Amazon

Came back to buy more: I didn’t want to spend the money on these but my husband bought them and we loved them so much I ordered a second set. They are soft on baby’s skin, good length for use on nursing pillow or over the chest or shoulder, easy to roll up for diaper bag. Cute print is great, too, since we have to look at them all day! – read more on Amazon

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