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Budget Friendly Recipes That Are Easy To Make

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Food can be so expensive! Even if you love to use discount deals, you can’t always find or use them for exactly what you want. If you try to cook everything yourself, that can definitely be cheaper than buying prepackaged food, but it can still be so costly. So here are some recipe ideas, for when you want to just have a good meal and not have to spend so much. All of these meals should cost you 5 dollars in total, or even less, to make:

  1. Egg and Black Bean Burritos

This is a really, really simple recipe that you can make really quickly. All you have to do is scramble some eggs (should cost for a pack, about 2-3 bucks), heat up some canned beans (about $1) and then mix them together and put them inside of a tortilla (a small pack of these is about 2 bucks). A simple and easy recipe that you can do whenever you want. And, you’ll also have left over tortillas and eggs that you can use in other recipes.

  1. 100% Homemade Spaghetti

It’s really easy to make the sauce for this. Just take a big can of chopped tomatoes (or whole tomatoes if you like getting more flavor later on, by squashing yourself after cooking. Either one should cost you less than $2), a small onion (less than a dollar), and simmer them for about 20 minutes after adding any seasonings you already have. Then just cook some pasta (like 3 bucks or less) and pour the sauce on top, and then you have spaghetti!

If you’re looking to buy foods in bulk for cheap, then you can order from an online grocery store. You can buy lots of foods and have them shipped right to where you live for cheap. Many stores, like Ocado Online Groceries offer huge deals from coupons to promo codes. You can save online, just as much as you can buy in a store.

  1. Oatmeal with fruit

This one is so simple and your ingredients can last a long time. A box of oatmeal will cost you about 3 dollars, and then you can either get fresh fruit or frozen. For cheap fresh fruit, just buy a bunch of bananas, which will be about $2. If you don’t mind spending a little more, then buy frozen fruit, like berries. They’ll last you for however long you need them to.

  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

This is a huge classic. But you can get a lot out of this! You can get a loaf of bread for around 2-3 dollars, but many stores put their old loaves on clearance for 50% off or even more! Then you can buy peanut butter and jelly each for about $2. Or, you can choose from different jelly flavors too, you don’t have to stick to just grape.

  1. Ham hocks and Beans

If you haven’t heard of ham hocks, they’re pork knuckles! They taste awesome and similarly to ham. They’re really cheap, and even though prices vary, you should be able to get them for under $2 a pound, and a single one weighs less than 2 pounds, so they’re really cheap to get. They can have a lot of meat on them, and can have extra fat and just be delicious.

To cook them, you can boil them for a few hours. Then, you can add some canned beans (costs like a dollar) to the ham hocks after you’ve sliced them of the bone. You can have a really cheap version, of ham and beans!


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