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How to burn fat and sugar

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Sugar is one of the most damaging foods. Processed sugar that is. Even though you need carbohydrates and can get those through fruits and veggies – we tend to consume the wrong types of sugars. Breads and pastas are carbohydrates that become sugar in the body but eating processed sugar is more damaging for our bodies.

Both white and brown processed sugars have the same negative effects on our bodies. This is because that our body must produce an insulin spike in order to digest this sugar. Our bodies are only capable of reasonably handling the equivalent of less than a teaspoon of sugar at any one time. When we ingest more than that amount, we cause the body to produce more insulin. When the body overproduces insulin, it stores more fat.

Physical movement and exercise is good for your health. You should always consult with your physician on what type of physical movement and exercise is right for you. Depending on what activity you are able to perform, you will see different benefits to exercise. Resistance workouts help your body to maintain and build muscle mass and this helps to keep your metabolism high. Did you know that 90% of your calories are burned in muscle tissue?

Aerobic exercise is also important. This helps to maintain your heart muscle, keeping it strong. It also increases your aerobic capacity which will have a positive effect on your overall health.

We need to ensure that we get physical exercise throughout the week. However, it is very important to watch what we put into our bodies as well. You can exercise every day but if you’re consuming high amounts of sugar and fat – it will be difficult to achieve weight loss, muscle tone and good health.

Watch out for foods filled with empty calories and processed sugars: cookies, ice cream, soda, cake, candy, and candy bars – just to name a few! Consuming these on a regular basis will cause you to pack on fatty pounds. Try fruits a few times a week to calm the sugary cravings.

Burn more body fat through physical exercise and reduction of processed sugar intake. If physically able, try to work out for at least 30 minutes each day. The goal is to allow your body to use more oxygen throughout the muscles which in turn burns more fat. If your schedule seems already packed, try walking during a lunch break or enjoying a walk with the kids.

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