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Cool Gadgets That Are Great For Camping

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Many Australians love to explore the outback, and camping is something that all the family can enjoy. Although camping is all about getting closer to nature, it is also good to take along a few little luxuries with you so that you can enjoy yourself even more.

If you do not have experience in camping, then you can get a lot of good advice from the website to help you plan your trip. Below are some of the coolest gadgets you can get for camping that may not be able to do without on your next trip.

A Portable Wood Burning Stove

You may wonder why you may have to take a portable wood burning stove when you are camping, but there is a good reason. There are products available which can do much more than cooking and boiling water. You can get a stove which can convert the heat into electricity, an excellent tool to charge your flashlight or Bluetooth speaker when you are enjoying the outback.

Portable Folding Solar Panels

There is also a wide selection of portable solar panels available on the market which can help to power all your electrical devices when you are camping with the family. You can buy folding solar panels for camping from online retailers and make sure to have the ample sun that Australians enjoy almost year-round. You can charge your torch, power bank, or mobile devices easily with this handy piece of kit.

Portable Bunkbeds

If you have children, and your tent is not the largest, portable bunkbeds are an excellent way to make use of the space in your tent without everyone having to sleep on top of each other. There are a variety of models available on the market that are all easy to set up, and they also come in a range of different sizes.

A Blow-Up Sofa

Another handy bit of kit that you can use when camping is a blow-up sofa which is ideal for your stiff and sore joints after a day’s hiking with the family. They come in a variety of sizes, and all are made from a hard-wearing material. It is still a good idea to clear the ground of any debris before using, to help prevent any punctures from sharp rocks and twigs.

A Water Filter Bottle

Making sure that you stay hydrated is essential when you are in the outback, so this handy gadget is not only a device to carry drinking water, it also filters the water meaning you can get your water from the local stream or creek. There are many different makes and models on the market available, and a quick search of the internet will show you lots of available options.

Lots of handy gadgets are available that are ideal when you take your family camping, with far too many to list them all. It all depends on what luxuries you want when you camp, and how close to nature you want to get. Make sure that you are fully prepared when going camping and always look for advice when going to an area that you have never been before.

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