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Declutter & Make Money with this New App for Moms

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We’ve just come across one of the most fascinating places for parents to not only find items they’re needing for their little ones – but an opportunity to sell the things that your children no longer need! Criblis is an app, a marketplace really, where you can do all of this – with added community bonuses.

Criblis is, a marketplace for easily and safely renting, buying and selling high-quality children’s gear; being matched with like-minded families nearby, and interacting with them on family-related topics. Criblis is a community that connects you with families nearby just like you who have expensive baby stuff that they’d like to get rid of and make money at the same time.

With Criblis, you can list the products your little one outgrows and sell them to like-minded parents in your area to recoup some of your investment and free up space in your home. Criblis is all about encouraging smarter consumption and eliminating waste!

You can also get the high-quality name brand products you want for the time you need them or rent if you only need for a short time or buy if you prefer.

How It Works

SELL: Free up space in your house while making money and promoting sustainability.

BUY: Shop smartly and enjoy premium baby products without breaking the bank.

RENT: Have access to selected products for a set period of time and return when done because sharing is caring.

“Let’s end waste, free up space and stretch the budget. Get the products you want, for the time you need them. List the products your little one outgrows and sell them to like-minded parents in your area. They won’t fit into their cute outfits or cribs forever, but you can pass those items forward to the next family, making money and friends in the process. Smart consumption brings the community together.”

About Criblis

“When we welcomed our baby girl, we knew very little about the needs of children. We discovered a whole new universe of things to learn, to experience and naturally, to buy. There were so many brands with so many different features that each seemed essential to buy. It all added up really quickly! We realized we used most products for a short period of time and, being high quality products, they were still in great condition. We sought to create a space for parents like us to pass loved products forward and recoup some of their investment, encouraging smarter consumption and eliminating waste. We also hope to encourage families to lease things that are needed occasionally, as well as develop some parent-preneurs through our platform.

As a couple, we are lucky to also complement each other professionally. Borja’s engineering background makes him focused on the processes and operation while Gabi is an MBA, former consultant and marketer, focused on creating a fun and interactive experience for our customers. Together we are bringing this dream to reality with one goal, the same goal of many parents out there: to make a better world for our children. We hope to be a part of a smarter, waste-free style of parenting that can ensure a cleaner earth for our little ones for years to come.”

Criblis can be downloaded for free on the App Store or on Google Play.

declutter and make money
Declutter & Make Money with this New App for Moms
Fantastic app
This is a must have app for all parents of young kids. Awesome idea!

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