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Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watch© for Children

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We’ve been to several fairs and amusement parks where they offer Emergency Contact Wrist Bands/Bracelets – and though we’ve loved those, we may love this even more. These Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watches are simply adorable and they are to last for an entire day while you enjoy the state fair, Disney World, the beach, the park and so much more! Once your adventure is over, use soap and water to scrub the temporary tattoo off.

16 Custom Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watches© letting everyone know that if your child is lost, who to call! Perfect for amusement parks, family vacations, or school field trips. All 16 are personalized with the style of watch sets you’d like + a phone number to call. These will not only help you feel better when you’re out in public with your little ones, but your kiddos will be excited to wear these fun, bright temporary tattoo watches!

When you receive your tattoos, you will also receive instructions on how to apply and take off your temporary tattoos.These fun temporary tattoos are very simple to put on & can be applied in one minute or less. They come off with a little scrubbing with soap and water or baby oil. If left alone, these watches will last up to an entire day at Disneyland, the beach, amusement parks, the zoo, school field trips, etc.

Our little ones always pulled at and found the Emergency Contact Bracelets we were given at amusement parks to be uncomfortable – especially if they had been made too tight. These are perfect for implementing and then being left alone by tiny toddler fingers. They may even like their new, cool tattoo!

Remember to double check that your information is correct when submitting and allow up to two weeks for creating and delivery of your custom Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watch.

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