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Struggling to figure out how to coupon? Couponing can seem a little overwhelming – but it really isn’t so terrifying!  Trust me.  With a little help, you too will soon be able to quickly dive in and begin saving money on the items you need.

Step 1: Coupons, find them!

It has become so much easier to find out how to coupon and to find coupons than when I first began couponing.  No longer am I limited to newspapers.  When out shopping, you should be on the lookout for coupons.  Some shoppers will kindly leave behind coupons on items they will not be needing.  I love those people!  There are also a lot of coupons strategically placed throughout the store and you may receive some at the checkout after you complete your transaction.

Places to look

  • In Store
  • The Mom Fave Printable and Downloadable Coupons Database
  • On Product (Sometimes products will have a coupon attached to them and can be used at time of purchase.)
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Junk Mail
  • Online
  • Store App.  (Some stores, like Kroger, offer a store app to keep you updated with sales and coupons.)
  • From the manufacturer (Some brands allow you to sign up directly through them to receive coupons in the mail, email or app.)
  • Ask friends and family for coupons they aren’t using
  • Our library has a coupon center for dropping off and exchanging coupons. Ask your library if they have a program like this or if they are interested in starting one.

Step 2: Coupons, organize them!

If coupons aren’t organized or kept in a handy place – you may forget about them and never use them. This happened to me consistently when I first clipped coupons. Stuffing them in a secret compartment of my wallet or purse, they would be found months later – after they expired.
I’ve used the Coupon Binder filing system and the Whole Insert Filing System.  There are various other ways to organize your coupons and we’re all different on what works best for us.  I like the coupon binder filing systems as my mind operates best with that layout.  I also have a cross-body bag that is designated for its use.  I grab the bag on the way out and know that I have an everything savings-tool at my disposal.

Step 3: Let’s start saving!

When you think about it, coupons are the only money that you can legally print.  Print them, spend them, and save!  So, keep your coupons with you any time that you will be shopping.  I am now using a binder instead of my first two methods (box and the expanding file/folder) and keep it in a cross-body bag that I can easily grab on my way out of the house.  You never know when you will come across a fantastic sale that becomes even better when stacked with a coupon!
Now that you know how to coupon, share the wealth with your friends and send them over! Happy saving and shopping!
Pay attention to store weekly ads and calculate the best deals and see if you are able to use your coupons with any of their special sales for an even better deal!

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