I Didn’t Realize How Important Keeping the Air in Our Van Clean Is!

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Until this last week, I didn’t know how much the air in your vehicle matters.  I hadn’t given much thought to how it can affect your driving and riding experience.  I keep my vehicle pretty clean.  I routinely go through and try to make sure that the kids haven’t left any food or other items behind that will leave our van dirty and cause it to smell.

I also vacuum and wipe down the surfaces routinely.  I do this to keep dust out of the car and from bothering my allergies – so, in a way, I had put some thought into the air quality.  But it was only because my eyes my begin to water while driving – and that’s not good for anyone!

Even though I have been doing all of my routine cleaning of our van – there was something in the air that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of or find.  After a week of vacuuming, scrubbing, wiping down surfaces, and trying to solve this mystery – I realized that the culprit was a piece of piping that connected to a propane heater I had borrowed from my dad.  It was allowing the chemicals and smell from it to seep into our vehicle and linger in the air.

I immediately began to take the air in our vehicles much more seriously.  I hadn’t even realized how much we’re surrounded by when we’re traveling down the road in our cooped up little vehicles.  There are dust mites, tobacco smoke, pollen, car fumes, fine particles, bacteria, viruses and odors are just some of the pollutants that hang in the air, and get into our car while we’re driving.  These can eventually make their way into our lungs and respiratory system – because we can’t just stop inhaling while we’re on our daily commute.

Until this incident, I hadn’t really put a lot of thought about the air in our vehicles.  I do like to keep them clean so that I can try to keep dust and allergens to a minimum – but that can only do so much really.

I found that there are ways to help clean this air we breathe!  The award-winning company, Airdog has a solution. Their CZ-10T Car Air Purifier is perfect for purifying the dirty air and fumes in our vehicles.

Here’s why it is why it’s a new favorite of ours:

The Ionic Air technology is completely environmentally friendly. No more wasteful filters to replace.

    • Not only are HEPA (aka) standard air purifiers dirty, but the sad truth is that your current air purification system contributes to the masses of waste per year.


It does not use any costly filters; just wash it every few days.

    • We save users around $9000 dollars of unnecessary disposable filter fees every 36 months!


The technology doesn’t just suck out viruses and bacteria that are in the air, it actually kills them as they pass through the emitter wires system.

    • Our filtration system does not collect bacteria only for them to create a breeding ground inside your filter, Our patented Emitter Wires system creates a force field of positive energy to kill bacteria and viruses as they pass through our filtration system


The product is great for parents, people with asthma, allergies and kids

    • Driving around all day stuck in traffic sitting in all those fumes not only sounds gross, but its extremely detrimental to your health. Let us improve your breathing and health for all your loved ones.


The air purifier has smart automated technology  

    • Our new-patented filtration system has new automated smart technology to turn on once you start driving and turn off once you arrive at your destination. No need to manually control these settings, let our system do this for you so you can “set it and forget it”.

Keeping our van in the garage does allow me to leave the windows down and air it out when we aren’t using it.  But most of the time, I don’t do that.  And I want to know that I’m doing my best at cleaning the air in a space we occupy nearly every day.  Purifying the air in my home has been important – I’m surprised that, until now, I hadn’t thought a lot about the air in our vehicles.

We travel, a lot.  We spend a lot of time in our van especially.  I want to know that I’m doing the best I can in trying to keep the air we breathe as clean as possible.

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