Is your child too sick for school?

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It’s time to make that decision. Your kiddo needs to get ready for the day, and school. But they aren’t feeling well. You’re fairly certain that it isn’t a serious illness – and the day must go on. Should you keep your child home from school?

Here are three tips to help you decide if your kid is too sick to attend school.

1. Children with a fever should stay home.

If your child has a fever of any temperature that is above the norm – they need to stay home. They may even need to be seen by your family physician depending on how high the temperature has climbed. Keep in mind that oral temperatures can be skewed if your child just drank something that was hot or cold. If you’re in doubt whether you’re getting a good reading, take your temperature to help gauge the effectiveness of your thermometer.

2. Trust yourself, mama.

Did you know that many children can have upwards of 10 colds each year? Having a stuffy nose, a sore throat and a little cough isn’t reason enough to stay home. But if your child is becoming lethargic and has a heavy cough – they could be infectious. And they aren’t going to get much out of school when their body is trying to heal. Use your best judgment to determine if they should stay home and if they need to be seen by a medical professional.

3. Be a little lax on the younger children.

You’ll probably send an older child off to school if they’re feeling a little under the weather. And that’s okay. At some point, it’s time to teach them to wisely consider their symptoms. But you need to be the judge of that and the final authority.

But a lower-elementary child won’t have the experience to know necessarily if they need to stop, slow down, and rest. A sick little-one may need to be picked up halfway through the day. They may also not know or think to not sneeze all over their friends. Gotta love the littlest ones.

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