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Make playtime safe and enjoyable with these oh-so-cute and versatile play mats

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A few years ago, when my son was very little, we were at an event at an amusement park. It was an incredibly fun time where family members of military were getting together at this local theme park and just enjoying a day of fun. But, it was also an incredibly hot day.

My son wasn’t even a year old yet, and he hadn’t learned to walk. So, he was stuck either being held or sitting in the stroller. I’m sure that as you can imagine – I didn’t really have a good place to set him down to allow him to stretch out and just be out of someone’s arms or the stroller.

I hadn’t thought to bring a blanket, because – bulky, and so he was just stuck being miserable. Which, actually caused us to leave early so that I could get him comfortable. We could have spent a lot of time in one of their in-door dining options, but he was still stuck being held or sitting in that stroller. It was just a bad time to have brought him. And, I often think of that day. What if he could have just had a little space to play and not be held up against someone’s body or in the stifling stroller seat. Maybe a comfortable play mat? Yep! That is what I’ve most often wanted to go back and allow him to stretch out on.

Here’s one that I would have considered. Designed by a mom, this year’s must-have play mat for playtime…

Make playtime safe and enjoyable with these oh-so-cute and versatile mats non toxic play mats

Wander & Roam has just launched their incredibly stylish Vegan Leather Play Mats for on the GO! These vegan mats simply fold up and are a breeze to tote where ever life takes you – to the beach, park, picnics or right in your backyard. Use indoors or as a play mat or activity mat ( think painting, play dough, and crafts). Available in Wildflower, Petals Block Print and oh-so-sweet Buffalo Check prints!

A modern take on the traditional play mat is the latest must-have item! wander & roam feels that just because your living space now includes infants and toddlers, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Designed by a mom of three young kids, the one-piece reversible play mats seamlessly blend into existing decor with neutral options, while also giving rooms an air of sophistication and a pop of color if desired. Eight designs are available.

Make playtime safe and enjoyable with these oh-so-cute and versatile mats play mats non toxic

Easily create a safe place to play with Wander & Roam. All eco-friendly mats are 100 percent non-toxic, so parents feel good knowing their kids will be crawling, jumping, running, and even sleeping on these surfaces. They are perfect for tummy time! The mats grow with your kids and are long-lasting, protecting hardwood floors and carpets as well as soft tumbles and falls. They roll up easily for storage, too.

Playtime is a fun time, and Wander & Roam is there for all the activities! You will want to add this to your baby registry and give one to others as a gift as well. Your Instagram will be full of adorable pictures!

Right now, all of these links are currently leading to their foam play mats. Their vegan travel mats will be available very soon!

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