Mom Confessional FAQ

The Mom Fave Secret Mom Confessions Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Will anyone know that I am the one who submitted the secret?

We review all secret submissions before it is published. If you accidentally left any personal information in the secret, we will remove as best we can.

2. Does my secret have to be motherhood-related?

Nope! Feel free to share anything that you’re wanting to get out there – but just can’t say out loud or to anyone else.

3. Who will see this?

The Mom Fave Secret Mom Confessions can be viewed by any audience member of ours that visit our website or social media channels.

4. What if someone requests to know who submitted a secret?

We do not reveal any information about our secret posters. Our secret submission form doesn’t ask for any personal information, which helps keep any revealing information from accidentally getting out there.

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