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Mom Motivation Monday #MotivationMonday August 27, 2018

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Find Your Groove – Develop a Routine

Develop and craft a routine that fits you and your family’s unique schedule and personality. Your family’s dynamic may differ quite significantly from that of the home you grew up in and the home of your mom-friends. Make this routine yours – because it is.

Maybe your personality needs every minute scheduled and accounted for – or maybe you need things blocked off in larger chunks of time. However, it works for you – just do it. Do you! Do your family!

Regardless of the size of your family or the age of your children, a routine will help you focus in on and hopefully accomplish tasks that are the most important. It will also be a helpful tool on days that get a little crazy – and that routine can help to get you back on track. Don’t be hard on yourself when you reach those crazy days – even if they seem to come more often than you’d like. We all go through it.

Don’t forget to add rest and relaxation to your routine – don’t overwork yourself!

You’ll find that a routine offers a solid foundation to your day and help you accomplish most things. Because who are we kidding, none of us get everything checked off of our to-do list.

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Mom Motivation Monday

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