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Monthly Challenge – May 2019: Spring Clean

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Happy Spring! I am so excited for summer! Being cooped up indoors gets old after a while, though I do love my fall and winter months. But I really need a clean home in order to really relax and enjoy my outdoor fun. I want a, somewhat, clean and organized home to return at night.

Our home is far from perfect! So, please don’t think I have a perfect home because I can come up with a list. I make a lot of lists. I do less than my lists imply that I would like to do. In fact, my real list is a lot longer than the one I posted below. So, I can be a bit overambitious at times.

Sticking to any type of routine can be difficult – but it can be a lot easier and a lot more fun when you have the support of friends.

Every month, Mom Fave is hosting a challenge to help move us toward a better life. Challenges range from physically-fit motivation to financial and life-management activities.

At the beginning of each month, we’ll post a Monthly Challenge that will focus on the topic of one of our Tribe Groups. This month, we’re focusing on the Cleaning Tips & Resources Group here.

All future and previous challenges can be found here.

May 2019 Monthly Challenge

This month, we’re refreshing our living space and getting it ready for all kinds of summer fun and relaxing.

Spring Clean Challenge

Each day in May, we’ll focus on a specific area of our living space where we can clean and refresh.

May 1st: Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

May 2nd: Check the expiration date on your fire extinguishers and replace if necessary. (Purchase if you don’t have one!)

May 3rd: Pack up and store all winter items, clothing, and decorations. Purge the items you no longer want or use.

May 4th: Clean and disinfect tub, toilet, and shower. Don’t forget to clean the outside and backside of each.

May 5th: Sweep and wipe down porches and decks. (Pressure wash if necessary)

May 6th: Clean the inside and outside of the windows in kitchen

May 7th: Clean and disinfect all trash cans in the house. Or replace those that are beyond cleaning.

May 8th: Clean the inside and outside of the windows in bathroom

May 9th: Update all your house first aid kits – throw away and replace expired items

May 10th: Wipe down walls in kitchen

May 11th: Dust shelving throughout house and polish furniture

May 12th: Clean the inside and outside of the windows in the living room

May 13th: Clean out master bedroom closet

May 14th: Wash linens that have sat unused for extended periods of time. Toss or donate those you no longer want.

May 15th: Wipe down walls in bathroom

May 16th: Purge old and worn out shoes from everyone’s wardrobes. Toss those that are too used to be donated.

May 17th: Rent or purchase carpet cleaner and clean carpets (This is mine, and it works great!)

May 18th: Purge outdated food from the refrigerator and wipe down/disinfect inside shelves and drawers

May 19th: Clean microwave and oven. (I use a glass measuring cup with water and lemon juice in the microwave for 10 minutes for easy cleaning.)

May 20th: Clean the inside and outside of the windows in master bedroom

May 21st: Purge expired makeup. Clean makeup brushes and makeup holders/organizers.

May 22nd: Clean out cabinet under the bathroom sink(s)

May 23rd: Wipe down walls in master bedroom

May 24th: Disinfect all sinks in house. Make sure drains are properly draining.

May 25th: Clean the inside and outside of the windows in other bedrooms

May 26th: Clean out cabinet under the kitchen sink.

May 27th: Wipe down front and back doors

May 28th: Wipe down and disinfect kitchen/dining room table

May 29th: Wipe down walls in other bedrooms

May 30th: Purge expired food from pantry

May 31st: Wipe down patio furniture – and then relax with a refreshing beverage!

By the end of May, you’ll be on your way to a refreshed home!

Join the Cleaning Tips & Resources Group here.

Share your progress with us in the group and on social media by tagging @TheMomFave in your Instagram and @MomFave on Facebook posts!

Don’t forget to check back in June for a new challenge!

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