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National Tooth Fairy Day!

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There are three figures that are the pillars of modern mythology for children — Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. While the first two are well documented and discussed, not much is known about our elusive flying friend. But the Tooth Fairy is quite popular because every night children around the world excitedly anticipate the Tooth Fairy’s arrival after they have lost a tooth. Continue reading at National Today

5 Creative ToothFairy Ideas

1. Create a Tooth fairy certificate
Certificates are a great item to pair up with presents. Add the name and date to preserve as a great memory.

2. Memoralize each tooth with a photo
Taking a polaroid or print photo with your tooth can be a great way to look back and remember the day.

PS: add the date behind the photograph

3. Preserve your Child’s Tooth in a vault
As we grow up, we look back to remind us of the magic of childhood that we experienced. So instead of a baggy, store your child’s teeth in a vault to save them for years to come.

4. Leave books from your tooth fairy
Mark this important day in your child’s life by sharing wisdom and knowledge through books.

5. Write a note from the Tooth Fairy
Tiny notes left by the tooth fairy can brighten up a child’s day, and they can keep that to remember the date and time they lost their tooth.

We love The Tooth Fairy Collection because it speaks to the wonder and innocence of childhood and reminds us to cherish the memories we make with our children as they grow. – National Today

Thank you for this list from National Today!

Items We Love for the ToothFairy!

Nepixok Baby Fairy Tooth Box

The baby teeth keepsake box is a nice tool to preserve the baby’s memories. You can apply the baby teeth keepsake box to show your love to your baby. Or you can give the baby teeth keepsake box to your family or friends who have a newborn baby.

Nepixok Baby Fairy Tooth Box,Wooden Baby Teeth Box,Baby Teeth Holder Keepsake,Kids Keepsake Organizer Gift for Baby Teeth and Hair and Photo,Organizer

This baby tooth box has openings for all first teeth. Place the lost teeth in the crevices and keep them safe! You can also place the umbilical cord and fetal hair and hand ring groove in the baby’s tooth box. View here.

SOVANO Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit for Girls and Boys

Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit includes a tooth-shaped pillow and Printables. Tooth Fairy Kit includes Tooth Fairy gifts, letters, receipts, envelopes, certificates, and tooth fairy stop here door hanging. All downloadable to save for future use. Everything you need to create a magical Tooth Fairy experience, year after year.

SOVANO Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit for Girls and Boys - Tooth Fairy Box and Tooth Fairy Kit and Keepsakes - Toothfairy Pouch for Lost Teeth and Money - Tooth

Handmade by skilled Artisans Our Tooth Pillow for Tooth Fairy for girls or boys uses both durable and plush materials ensuring this Tooth Pillow is of heirloom quality and lasts generations. View here.

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