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Snowfox: The Trackerphone For Kids

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It’s a tough reality at times, but children do begin to grow older and spend more time away from our watchful eyes. As they do, we begin to decide what sort of safety measure we want to teach and apply. For some, a smart phone may be a route to keeping in touch with children – but sometimes age and responsibility levels may keep us from that decision. We’ve recently found an item that may solve that issue. The SnowFox Trackerphone.

Snowfox Trackerphone is designed for kids. We combined a phone and a GPS locator so that kids can learn independence in a safe way and communicate with their parents without the harmful extras of smartphones.

  • Long battery life. Use the device for the whole week with a single charge.
  • Voice call. Be there for your child and call her at all times.
  • Powerful antenna provides realtime connectivity.
  • Play proof for everyday use.
  • Free smartphone application with child´s location on map, voice call and smart notifications.


The World is a magical place for children. They need to explore and play to learn the necessary skills for the life ahead. Snowfox brings extra comfort to the first steps of independence.

With Snowfox you are in the know of your child´s whereabouts. Snowfox sends smart notifications to your smartphone from designated places and you can also see the current location on the child on Snowfox smartphone application.

Snowfox Trackerphone allows you to call your child at anytime. There is only one button on the device so kids learn easily to use Snowfox. The child can press the button and the parents will get a call-me notification.

Every Snowfox device has an embedded SIM and local operator subscription inbuilt, so getting started is easy. You simply add the device to your application and you are good to go.

Getting started with Snowfox is easy:

  • Ready out-of-box. Add the trackerphone to your Snowfox mobile application and start making calls and getting location updates straight away.
  • Only 9.90 USD/EUR per month. The fixed monthly subscription price includes a local phone number and a mobile plan with all-you-can-eat data and voice calls. Billed monthly on your credit card and payments are securely processed with Stripe
  • Snowfox Trackerphone connects to all major 3G and 2G networks in your country.
  • First production batch now available via Indiegogo to 10 countries with a local call-in number: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Hop over here to check out Snowfox.

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