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The BEST Blanket When you Need a Nap!

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Is it the cold weather, the excitement of the Super Bowl, or the busy-ness of Valentine’s Day – possibly all of that and more – but I could use a nap or two throughout the week? If you’re in the same boat – here’s a blanket you should try.

On another note, I have more blankets than I’ll probably ever need in my lifetime. I tell myself that it will be good to have them on hand one day when I have a bunch of grandkids over and they need to build forts and spend the night. But anyway – check out PediPocket blankets – I absolutely love them!

PediPocket’s blankets are not only plush, extra long, and super soft… they have a brilliantly designed foot pocket to keep your toes toasty.

PediPocket Patented Foot Pocket Blanket 2 in post

FOOT POCKET BLANKET: Due to their patented design, you don’t have to choose between covering your shoulders or your feet! Simply slide your feet into the 20” conically-shaped foot pocket and snuggle into the plush, velvety fleece for all-around comfort.

WARM AND COZY: The soft, plush fleece has a luxurious feel that’s substantial enough to keep children warm on the wintriest of day, yet delicate enough for breezy summer nights. PediPocket is the foot-warming blanket for every occasion!

PediPocket Patented Foot Pocket Blanket 2 in post

EVERYDAY USES: PediPocket is the best blanket for cold feet! The conically-shaped foot pocket uses thermodynamics to effectively trap heat to provide extra comfort for daily lounging and loved ones dealing with medical issues or circulation concerns.

EXTRA LENGTH: This large deluxe fuzzy blanket offers six feet of plush fleece material. Measuring 50” x 70”, there’s no tucking needed! It’s a great gift for men and women of all ages!

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