The most beautiful jigsaw puzzles you will ever see!

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Sitting down with my kids and working together to complete a puzzle has been one of my favorite activities. I know that it comes from having “helped” my Grandfather put together jigsaw puzzles when I was very little.

I still remember what it felt like to sit at his card table, set up in the corner of the dining room. Peering over the top, it seemed as if there were mountains of organized yet funny shapes and a beautiful picture slowly coming together, piece by piece. I’m sure I made the entire thing much more difficult, but I remember enjoying it – I hope he did as well.

navajo jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles were one of the first items I purchased for the kids – long before they were old enough to even understand. Over the years, the kids and I have worked our way up to increasingly difficult puzzles. It was so fun watching them start with their first wooden board puzzles where they learned shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. Now, it’s even more fun to work on and eventually complete a jigsaw puzzle.

The kids still look at the number of pieces and imagine the long and daunting task – I see the many opportunities for making memories. Today, I’m browsing for new memory-making puzzles with Pixels. Among many other items, Pixels features an astounding number of puzzle varieties – including custom puzzles made from your own images. I think that I’d love to have one custom puzzle from each of our favorite vacation destinations.

landscape jigsaw puzzles

And speaking of destination puzzles, I think that the options with scenery are probably my favorite. Maybe. There are so many to choose from – but I do tend toward the landscapes and outdoor scenes. For me, they are the puzzles that are a little more difficult to put together – and the challenge is another reason I enjoy this activity so much.

cartoon jigsaw puzzles

My favorite thing about Pixels is that the jigsaw puzzle options seem almost endless. There is literally something for every interest and personality type. So many themes, colors, and patterns – I’ve never been presented with such an array of beautiful puzzles. I’m even thinking of getting a pattern like the type at the top of this article – so that I can complete it, frame it, and hang it in my hallway. I haven’t decided if I’m crafty enough for that, but we’ll see.

I also love that they have the puzzles organized by collection. This is going to come in very handy when I’m trying to find a couple to decorate with – and when I’m trying to find one for gifting.

whimsical jigsaw puzzle

I’m also thinking of grabbing a few of the most colorful and whimsical puzzles as a treat for the kids. Most of the time, they’re helping me to put together an outdoor scenery of some sort – I think these would be a fun change.

I really enjoyed it when I found the different images from people in history and sports. These will make great gifts! I wish I had found this a couple of months ago – but I’m getting my list for the upcoming year of birthdays and celebrations ready. I may get that Joe Dimaggio puzzle as a birthday present for myself next month. Who doesn’t love that type of nostalgia?

sports athletes jigsaw puzzles

As a teenager who loved playing sports and constantly attending athletic events – I would have LOVED to get a puzzle like that as a gift. Well, I would still love it. And, seeing as my birthday is next month – I am off to drop some hints to the family about all of the amazing puzzles and make note of my top ten favorites.

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